PAX Research

Together...creating better leaders for a better world.

PAX consulting methods are backed up by the best scientific and academic research.

We publish research articles in international academic journals on a regular basis to showcase our research efforts and get the best minds in the world to review our work.


PAX Research Programs

We run concurrent research programs to collect data for our science.

These programs are selective to ensure the validity of the science however we encourage prospective clients, who may be unable to join up as clients right away, to get in touch about our research groups.

These programs are funded by our consulting work. We currently run benchmarking programmes for:

  • Leadership Style and 360 Degree Feedback
  • Stakeholder Engagement

Get in touch if you would like to participate in our research


PAX Publications

Leadership for Sustainability: An Evolution of Leadership Ability

The Corporation is Ailing Social Technology: Creating a 'Fit for Purpose' Design for Sustainability

Human Values Clustering Towards CSR Critical Mass and Business Advantage

Leadership Styles and CSR Practice: An Examination of Sensemaking, Institutional Drivers and CSR Leadership

This is a restricted scientific journal publication, please get in contact if you would like a free copy.

Are Ethical Companies' Shares Less Likely to be Bought and Sold in Difficult Economic Times? ANZAM Conference 2-4 December 2009


PAX Speeches and Conferences

Academy of Management (USA) 2011 - Academic Peer Reviewed Conference, Prestigious, paper: "The Corporation as Ailing Technology: Creating a ‘fit for purpose' design for sustainability"

ANZAM December 2009 – Academic Peer Reviewed Conference paper examining well known CSR organisation’s share price fluctuations and shareholder loyalty during the Global Financial Crisis in 2008/2009

Ashridge Oxford International Ethical Management Conference 2009 (London) – Leadership Styles and CSR Practice - Academic, peer reviewed conference

INDESIGN September and July 2009 – How to create lasting change and embed sustainability into corporate DNA – Industry presentations

MOSS Sustainability Series June 2009 – Embedding sustainability into corporate DNA – Industry presentations

APS Organisational and Industrial Psychology Conference 2007 – Social responsibility, just another management trend? – Academic, peer reviewed conference presentation

ANZAM Conference 2006 – Ethical behaviour and corporations – Academic, peer reviewed conference presentation