26/8-10 at 13.05 by: Louise Metcalf
Creating Sustainability through Meaning in Life and Work: Humanistic Capitalism
Anybody catch that Dick Smith population documentary on ABC the other week?

I did, it was interesting, but I thought Dick skimmed over the biggest and most interesting issue:

How do we create a better form of capitalism where an increasing workforce is no longer needed? 

Add to that, how do we create a stable market economy that does not require constant growth?

Add to that, how do we create a sustainable world for future generations in Australia, and the world over, while also addressing poverty and the needs of developing nations as well?

And what role do organisations play in that future?

These are the questions that sustainability experts (like me) struggle with every day.  

The answer is that the old way of doing business is, without doubt, not sustainable.

It is unsustainable because the planet is finite and the market economy's constant need for growth does not accommodate for that.


Can we solve it through innovation and just keep going?

I hope we can, I'm a dyed in the wool optimist, but there is some evidence that we're simply not clever enough to do it yet (Jackson, 2009). Basically, if you look at the numbers, we can't uncouple our market economy from carbon with our current level of innovation.

We're just not innovating fast enough and most innovations are still hooked to carbon. 

Jackson, T. (2009) Prosperity Without Growth. Earthscan: London


So what's the answer?

We need to think deeper about what it means to be prosperous. What does prosperity really mean for human beings?  

If we're running headlong down a path that we think is all about prosperity for the average person... we really ought to make sure that's a true path before we take it to extremes... right?

If I asked a hundred people what meant the most to them in their lives.... only a few cynics would every say money, or a new car or a massive house...  

They would say: the health of my family and loved ones, my friends, and the depth of my relationships.

Human beings are actually total materialists.

We are social beings who are convinced into materialism through advertising and a subliminal social-economic focus on continual consumption (emphasised by highlighting our anxieties through advertising). 

No, human beings find real meaning in life through (thank you Martin Seligman):


1. Flow - doing things that you are good at, things that fit with your strengths

2. Meaning - doing something meaningful, something that improves society or gives meaning to you through relationships


The concept of meaning is actually the really interesting one.

It's a huge idea if you think about it. Some people find meaning in helping strangers for no return whatsoever, other people find meaning in helping only their own children. 

Meaning is the driver of a good human life, but it is hardly ever discussed, particularly in the one place it could actually be created, the place where we all end up at some point - the organisation.

A better, more humanistic, form of capitalism would focus on this new type of prosperity. 



Do you feel yourself railing against this idea? Do you feel anxiety at the idea of a world not based on money?  

You're not alone. Most people in the world today can't imagine an economy that is not based on financial prosperity alone (or predominantly).

However, it's the organisations and communities that can think past this, that can allow themselves to imagine this much more humanistic world, and be creative, that will be the success stories in the years to come.  

We just don't quite know what that success will look like on a global scale yet.

Although I know what it looks like on an organisational one...

That's what we help people create - organisations of a sustainable future.

And they really are the organisations of the future.

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04/11-17 at 18.00 by: slassadafethy (support@gmail.com)
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02/11-17 at 21.43 by: slassadafethy (support@gmail.com)
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02/11-17 at 10.03 by: slassadafethy (support@gmail.com)
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01/11-17 at 06.40 by: slassadafethy (support@gmail.com)
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Les anmeldelser, nyheter og andre oppdateringer om slots-spill Casino, Programvare, Vurdering, Bonus %, Bonus kr, Spill Na 1, Mr Green Casino, 250%.
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31/10-17 at 00.41 by: slassadafethy (support@gmail.com)
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Page- Thai skrift pa norsk mobil - posted in Telefon, mobiltelefon og annen telefoni: Hei Jeg har i mange ar hatt mobil kjopt i Thailand.
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30/10-17 at 19.48 by: slassadafethy (support@gmail.com)
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