About Us

PAX Leader Labs is an international leadership research and development consultancy.

Internationally Recognised, Scientific Leadership and Sustainability Research

Our research is conducted in partnership with some of the best researchers in Leadership and Sustainability in the world.

We have been internationally acclaimed for our research into the types of leadership found in transforming sustainable organisations. This research was published in the top international scientific academic journal of the area: The Journal of Business Ethics.

Cutting Edge Research Informed Consulting

We have a dual purpose comprised of providing the very best in leadership and sustainability assessment instruments, consulting and coaching programs to our clients, alongside ground breaking scientific leadership research.

Our dual purpose means that our research informs our practice and our practice informs our research. This approach is incredibly important in the areas of leadership and sustainability due to their complexity.

Both leadership and sustainability involve the interplay of multiple factors that create systems of behaviour, which then need to be addressed accordingly. Understanding this interplay requires both the conducting and testing of scientific research.

Flexible Methods Tailored for Effectiveness

One method doesn’t work for everyone and we want to see your leaders succeed.

We use multiple methods to assist organisations and individuals with their leadership development, tailored to suit the client’s needs. This means that our coaches may use psychological theories that range from NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to Gestalt depending on the needs of each individual client and leader.

We are also constantly reviewing and perfecting each of these methods based on latest research and our own practical experiences.

Staff Who Are Experts in Coaching and Leadership

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced psychologists and coaches with a strong business focus, many spend a significant amount of their time contributing to original research.

We employ people of high leadership competency with experience coaching and consulting to a wide range of clients. This often includes psychologists, highly experienced coaches and consulting specialists.

In addition, we often work with our clients’ existing coaches to maximise the usefulness of their pre-existing relationships.