PAX Sustainability Work

PAX has it's own sustainability policy and action plan, here is just a brief list of how we contribute.


Congratulations PAX! Sustainability Awards!

Our founder and leadership mentor, Louise Metcalf, has had her research recognised around the world! She's also just recently been named one of the top 100 sustainability leaders in the world by peer review (ABC Carbon, 2011).

In the past, Louise has also been nominated for sustainability research awards, business strategy awards and client service awards.


Our Community Work

PAX helps to improve the community through:

Teaching at in the Macquarie University Masters of Organisational Psychology where we help to grow new Organisational Psychologists. PAX has also taught at the University of Newcastle, Sydney Business Institute and the University of Technology Sydney.

Volunteer event organisation with the Australian Human Resources Institute. PAX is deeply committed to helping to improve Human Resources in Australia. We provide resources and organisational capability to the Attraction, Retention and Recruitment Special Interest Group in NSW.

Volunteer membership support to those wishing to become members of the College of Organisational Psychologists. Our founder and leadership mentor, Louise Metcalf, was a previous National Membership Secretary, and sometimes stand in for the Chair for the Australian Psychological Society, College of Organisational Psychology. Louise is still an advocate for the college and is an active supervisor for those seeking endorsement as organisational psychologists in Australia.

Our Environmental Work

PAX is a service organisation, hence the main environmental contribution it can make is in energy efficiency.

We travel by public transport whenever possible and use renewable energy for our power supply. We also always carbon offset our flights. We work to ensure that our environmental impact is less than our contribution to saving the environment.

PAX also maintains a paper free office and uses virtual business services to prevent unnecessary contributions to carbon pollution.