30/4-10 at 09.37 by: Louise Metcalf
Are There Brave People In Your Organisation?

What do you think of someone who sees a serious Health & Safety issue and doesn't report it, even if they agree it's likely to result in serious injury or death?

What if they fail to report it because they fear negative consequences personally? 

It's actually pretty common, many people rationalise themselves out of doing the right thing based on self preservation, even though they realise it could mean terrible consequences for others or even someone's life.

On the flipside there are many cases of people doing just the opposite, we usually refer to these folks as "Whistle-blowers" or, if their actions are condoned by the organisation, we call them leaders.

In organisations, there are always people who do the right thing even if it means their sacrifice, and there are always those who prefer self preservation over the protection of others. 

So what's the difference between these two groups?

People Who Fail to do the Right Thing...  

One of the most esteemed researchers in this area is Linda Trevino, an academic at Pennsylvania State University and most recently Linda teamed up with Jennifer Kish-Gephart and David Harrison to produce a meta-analysis of research on why people do bad things in organisations. A meta-analysis is a method of statistically combining "like" research to look for significant effects across studies.

Basically the article, called "Bad Apples, Bad Cases, and Bad Barrels: Meta-Analytic Evidence About Sources of Unethical Decisions at Work" used Rest's (1986) four stage cognitive ethical decision making model to categorise unethical behavioural intentions and unethical behaviour.


Unethical intention - defined as the expression of one's willingness or commitment to engage in an unethical behaviour.

Unethical behaviour - defined as any organizational member action that violates widely accepted (societal) moral norms.

Intention is often distinct from actual behaviour because we sometimes commit unethical acts distinctly unwillingly (think Nazi Germany and the many officers who were forced to commit terrible crimes against their own conscience).


To determine what makes this unethical intention and/or unethical behaviour, these researchers examined a wide range of factors from aspects of the individual to aspects of the organisation and aspects of the moral decision itself.

The results were fascinating!  

They found that there is evidence of "bad apples" (people who are more likely to make unethical decisions at work)

- these are individuals who obey authority figures' unethical directives or act merely to avoid punishment, who manipulate others to orchestrate their own personal gain (i.e., are Machiavellian), who fail to see the connection between their actions and outcomes (i.e., have an external locus of control), or who believe that ethical choices are driven by circumstance (i.e., hold a relativistic moral philosophy) E.g. Bernie Madoff (reportedly).


They found that there is evidence for "bad cases" (moral problems that result in unethical decisions being made)

- this is due to the lack of recognition of the issue actually being a problem of morality and a lack of a sense of immediacy of the consequences on other people. E.g. Climate change policies, we're still trying to work out if they are indeed a moral issue.


They found that there is evidence for "bad barrels" (organisations that almost literally encourage unethical decision making)

 - organisations promoting an "everyone for himself" atmosphere (egoistic cultures) are more likely to encourage unethical choices, whereas a culture that focuses employees' attention on the well-being of multiple stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and the community (humanistic culture), or on following rules that protect the company and others (principled culture). E.g. Enron is a good example of an egoistic culture.


[By the way...do you know your culture? We are not talking about climate or organisational processes here, we're talking about WHAT YOUR ORGANISATION VALUES.]

People Who Do the Right Thing...  

Moral behaviour is defined in most research as behaviour that is subject to (or judged according to) generally accepted moral norms of behaviour. Thus, moral behaviours occur within the context of larger social frameworks. Moral behaviour is the behaviour that society sees as meeting or exceeding minimum standards of what is appropriate or okay.

Whistleblowers are particularly interesting in this regard because they usually stand up to one sort of society (or community), i.e. their organisation, in favour of the wider society or in preference of a different set of moral standards (professional, church based etc).  

That is a very brave thing to do!

It's brave because societies, even miniature societies such as your average organisation, can be very nasty when someone upsets the apple cart like that. Research has long ago demonstrated that organisations particularly retaliate against whistleblowers, usually with threats or damage to personal property, when the exposed "wrong doing" is perceived to threaten the organisation's survival. So if it's core business, the organisation's staff get collectively nasty towards the whistleblower.  

In addition, the stronger the retaliation, the more likely the whistleblower will then leave the organisation.

And that is a tragedy, because these same people, had they been sanctioned by the organisation for their actions, would be re-classified as leaders.


Is there anyone out there who will argue that leadership does not require bravery?  

And is bravery in short supply? Absolutely.

So have a think about how you treat your whistleblowers, are they really leaders in disguise?  

What can you do to prevent them walking out and taking their courage with them?


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