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PAX is an international leadership development and assessment company. Combining groundbreaking, internationally esteemed academic research with unparalleled leadership development methods.

We collaborate with clients to develop leadership practice and create forward thinking sustainable organisations.

Participate in our research. PAX regularly works with organisations in a research capacity. If you’re interested in helping leaders improve their skills or interested in creating a sustainable organisation but have difficulties in getting these projects off the ground, get in touch, you may be just what we need for our latest research project!

Our Services

PAX is a pre-eminent supplier of high quality self and team leadership and sustainability development solutions. We specialise in helping you tackle the issues that have been holding your leaders back while maximising their key strengths and helping them develop a sustainable organisation.

PAX’s toolkit includes: Leadership Coaching, Leadership Competency Assessment, 360 Degree Feedback, Leadership Team Development, Sustainable Management Systems Development and Leadership Sustainable Life Coaching.

Our programmes are developed by top research and practitioner psychologists in the leadership and sustainability area and often include: Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Behavioural Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology Therapies, Systematic Thinking Theories and Hypnosis.

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PAX is always looking to expand the community we work with. We are a cutting edge virtual organisation with consultants working around the world, our offices are our laptops. Please get in touch through our form